Spoof of viral DTES micro-suite ad from Toronto a 'clapback against gentrification'

A funny video spoofing the viral TikTok ad for a $2,000-per-month micro suite in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside has a not-so-funny point to make, according to its co-creator.

Trey Helten said he was inspired to make the video as a “clapback against gentrification” in the city’s poorest neighbourhood, where development continues to displace some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable citizens.

“[The TikTok ad] made me really, really irritated. And a little pissed off,” said Helten. “It’s wrong. There is no vacancy control or protection on SROs (single room occupancy) and low-income housing.” 

The TikTok ad, produced by a Toronto marketing company, was widely criticized as being tone-deaf and misleading. Set to the theme music from

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