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For more than 29 years, Northwest magazine’s experienced writers, editors, and designers have captured all sides of the Northwest with award-winning writing, groundbreaking reporting, and awesome design. Our amazing features, narratives, profiles, and investigative news stories tell our three million monthly just how amazing the Northwest really is, while our unsurpassed journalism helps them get the most out of it. We report on good stuff AND the bad stuff. Which towns and neighborhoods are the most desirable, which schools and workplaces are at the top of the heap, which doctors are first-rate, and which restaurants are the ones to eat at. We bring a timely, local take to matters of travel, shopping, money, food, fashion, home, and health, through the magazine and in collaboration with our broadcast partners.

Pull it all together and it’s not hard to understand why our newsstand/retail copies sold for almost 30 years. Even so, things change.

We’ll continue to give quality reporting to our area of the globe like no one else can, but now it needs to be online. We have gone GREEN!

As of August 12th, 2012, we will no longer offer copies of our magazine for sale. We do this for the environment and for the future.

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