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Many new generations are experiencing behavioral challenges arising from the social media boom. And Facebook, Twitter and the like create opportunities for people to correspond and interact online.

While many of these online interactions are positive; some have become negative and what happens when online comments become so negative that they cause harm?

Young people today are being bombarded by online communication and some are experiencing a negative phenomenon called “cyber bullying”.

The frequency of online, “cyber bullying” has continued to increase as the information age continues to spin up and in many statistics and published articles have dedicated chapters about the damage this sort of intimidation has caused to young people.

I recently spoke to a mother of a 13 year old daughter who spent all of last year dealing with her emotional, depressed and suicidal child because several girls at school were posting comments, teasing and bullying this woman’s daughter, day and night on Facebook and other online defamation websites.

Thirteen years old, what an absolute shame.

The school was notified and the result was an increase in the amount of persecution and the administration downplaying the situation and not helping the mother at all. This decision devastated the young girl’s self-image and ruined her school year, not to mention the amount of hardship it caused the entire family.

This is just one example of a million examples occurring each and every month of online defamation.

The degree of influence social media is having on our young people today is scarey, and thanks to section 230 written by our liberal friends in Oregon, autonomous comments on blogs are perfectly legal.

The challenges reach far beyond schools and young people and social media.

It even reaches the workplace.

Employee bullying, sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination happen all the time and are perpetuated by the Internet. Subordinates having challenges with their bosses, women and men being intimidated and harassed to the point where they are no longer productive and stressful work environments abound. Many of these situations go unreported for fear of retribution which adds to anxiety in the workplace which ultimately leads to languishing production and a depressed work force.

The list goes on and on, social issues, legal issues and safety reasons are all part of why these situations and interactions go unreported. Where do people turn to for help? When does it all end? Do people have to work and live in fear in their own communities that someone will blog something negative about our children, our businesses, us? We can’t even say what we feel without someone blogging about it.

A dentist commits suicide over a Report where some anonymous blogger posted a negative remark. A teenage daughter is found dead because of defamatory comments on Facebook.

Something needs to be done.

Well, I think I may have found a company trying to make a difference in the lives of people today, by providing a forum and voice to report injustices while protecting their identities and their safety.

A software developer has created a one hundred percent private and anonymous, Internet communication system. is a new start-up offering disgruntled individuals a chance to vent to each other before posting it all over the internet on defamation websites.

The developer saw the growing trend towards cyber bullying, and in 2013 and 2014 created a vehicle that will allow whistle-blowers, in the most positive sense of the word, to be able to do the right thing, report injustice without fear of harm.

The Software dissolves the email you send during the sending or transmitting process, thereby confirming there is never a permanent record of the message ever being transmitted-this insures the ultimate in anonymous communication. The message is sent without a copy being saved therefore preserving the identity of the sender, forever and not a trace of the message, not even the sender name remains on the server, or is it placed in the account holder’s account.

In fact there is no record of the IP address, 100% anonymous communication!

“The applications are too numerous to mention”, said Fischer and  “Citizens now have a way to anonymously report crimes without the fear of retaliation and law enforcement now has a viable tool that communities can use to help police make the world a safer place for everyone. A joint effort with the citizenry and law enforcement working together to protect the population and with a solution that delivers results, anonymously, “Fischer stated. “This technology will all but eliminate the authority challenges people face in academia and in the workforce. allows the harmed or the concerned to have a voice to speak without fear of retaliation and make sure justice is served.”

The technology has been thoroughly tested by private sector and public sector organizations. will be the key to solving many of the crimes and consumer injustices that go unreported every single year because of the fear of retribution. 

Finally a way to send an email without ever finding out who the sender of the email is. Game changer. Log in December of 2014.

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