B.C. Supreme Court partially certifies personal injury class-action lawsuit against Kleenex manufacturer

The B.C. Supreme Court has partially certified a class-action lawsuit against Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the maker of Kleenex, after the company produced flushable wipes that were contaminated with bacteria.

The suit was brought forward by Linda Bowman, a British Columbia resident who purchased Cottonelle wipes at Costco on July 17, 2020.

She allegedly experienced exacerbated body pain and developed inflamed skin follicles and sores from using the wipes.

According to the court decision released on Aug. 28, that may have been due to the wipes being contaminated with the bacteria Pluralibacter gergoviae, which Kimberly-Clark maintained was “intermittent and infrequent” in a certain production line. The product was subsequently recalled, and some customers were refunded.

The company recalled

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