Cupcakes Reign Supreme at Abby’s in Olympia

If you’re like most Americans, you delight in eating a treat that is both delicious and aesthetically pleasing. And, if you are like most Olympians (that is, locals of Olympia, Washington), then you’ve quickly become obsessed with Abby’s cupcakes, the pretty little treats that are bringing back Olympia’s dessert mojo in a big way.

Abby Mondau began baking professionally in 2012 and has since experienced a flurry of enthusiasm from the community. “I think what makes Abby’s different is her commitment to using quality ingredients while still keeping her prices reasonable. Plus, she bakes fresh every day,” said Cindy Burdick Miller, a fan of Abby’s.

From special, small batch orders for birthday parties to big orders for The Hands On Children’s Museum, Abby’s has Olympia covered. Each day her little shop (appropriately painted a cheerful pink) features fun flavors like coconut cream pie and maple bacon. Gluten free and vegan options are always available for those with special dietary needs.

In addition to her flavorful cupcakes, Abby’s is known for great customer service. Susan Grice, a twenty six year resident of Olympia, remembers an afternoon during which she took her two grandchildren to eat at a food truck adjacent to Abby’s. One of the cupcake shop’s employees took the time to come out to the picnic table where Grice and her grandchildren sat and offered them free cupcakes for dessert. “It was a very nice surprise,” said Grice, who thinks great customer service reigns supreme. “Good cupcakes come and go, but good customer service will always be in fashion, and Abby’s has that figured out,” she said.

It’s this level of customer service that packs a punch in a community plagued by closing businesses. Both Sweet Charley B’s, a cupcake shop that gained popularity fast, and Desserts by Tasha Nicole, a local favorite for 25 years, closed last year. Despite concerns over the local economy, Mondau has plans to open up a second location. The new location will feature savory items like sandwiches and bacon, cheddar and green onion scones, as well as her popular cupcakes. Abby’s employees are excited about the prospect of serving new products including coffee by Batdorf and Bronson.

Opening a second location is undoubtedly an anxiety inducing process, but if the community’s affinity for Abby’s flavorful little cakes means anything, it’s that this shop is here to stay.

Caption: Abby’s blueberry and blackbottom cheesecake, and vanilla strawberry cupcakes

Abby’s is open 10-7 daily, and is located at 728 4th Ave E in Olympia, Washington. Abby’s baked goods can also be found at a variety of coffee shops and restaurants in the area. Follow Abby’s on Facebook for daily flavor updates and a list of locations.

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