Where to Sip Cool, Creamy Milkshakes Around Portland

From classic milkshakes and 1950s diner comfort foods, blue plate specials included, this St. Johns restaurant takes you back in time. Owner David Liberman uses the Multimixer (the milkshake machine McDonalds magnate Ray Kroc sold door-to-door) to make creamy, flavorful milkshakes. Flavors range from the Chocolate Elvis with peanut butter, bananas, and vanilla ice cream, to classics like vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, with plenty of vegan options. For an extra 50 cents, any milkshake can be made into a malt. Rockabilly Cafe also offers not-to-be-missed boozy milkshakes, such as the rummy Mexican Cocoa, featuring chocolate ice cream, cinnamon, and a “healthy dose of spiced rum.”

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