12 Ways To Know He Hasn’t Completely Moved On

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1. He still has photos of her in his apartment.

When you sleep at his place and every time you turn around you see a picture of his ex’s

smiling face, it’s not exactly comforting. If you try to replace one with a photo of you and him, and he expresses any type of reluctance, he hasn’t let go; he’s very much still hanging on.

2. She is on his phone’s home or lock screen.

Think about how many times a day you look at your phone. That’s how many times a day he is seeing his ex.

3. He brings her up in casual conversation.

When he brings up meaningful memories, that’s totally fine. She was apart of his life once, and you can’t change that, but when you’re talking about what to eat for lunch and he says something like, “my ex used to eat turkey sandwiches,” he is clearly still thinking about her. A lot of people eat turkey sandwiches.

4. He hasn’t deleted texts from her.

If he still has their text conversation you can sure as hell bet he reads through it every once in a while, if not more. Why would he keep it if he didn’t want to read it?

5. He accidentally says her name while having sex with you.

This is not only awkward, but just a tad insulting. You’re trying to be intimate with him, and his mind is clearly elsewhere, on her.

6. He is hanging on to her possessions.

If he still has her shirt, her jeans, her bra, her toothbrush, and hasn’t either given them back to her or thrown them in the trash, he probably hasn’t even told her he has them…because he wants to keep them.

7. He is hanging on to her meaningless possessions

It’s really bad when you open his fridge and he has one bottle of Corona that has been sitting in the back shelf alone for as long as you’ve been with him. It’s because she brought that Corona over and he can’t bare to drink the last one. If he can’t get rid of meaningless belongings, especially if they’re food or drinks, he has clearly not moved on.

8. He uses her gifts more than yours.

His ex bought him clothes, appliances, watches, everything he needs, and he still uses most of them, which is fine. But when the battery in the watch that she gave him breaks, and you buy him an entirely new watch, if he chooses to simply replace the battery instead of wearing yours, it might have more to do with the meaning behind the watch than the actual tool he uses to tell time.

9. His family talks about her.

They most likely talk about her because he talks about her. They think it’s completely normal because for him it is, but if his family can’t move on from her, he most likely can’t either.

10. His friends talk about her.

See above, but replace with friends.

11. He mistakes other people for his ex while you’re out.

“Oh my god, I thought that was my ex.” *Staring at blonde girl across the bar* “I thought your ex was brunette?” He is paranoid that she’s everywhere because he is still thinking she’s everywhere.

12. He refuses to go to certain places because it reminds him of his ex.

If your dining venue depends on the places he and his ex never went to, you have more important things to worry about than dinner. It’s just a restaurant, and memories can’t prevent him from living his life. If he can’t accept the fact that certain things are going to remind him of her, he can’t move on from the reality that she is no longer around.

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