10 Reasons Why The Token ‘Crazy’ Girl Is The Best Kind Of Girl To Date


Being crazy is part of my identity. I’m not talking about the kind of crazy that parties six nights a week and gets blacked out every chance she gets. I’m talking

about Blank Space, Taylor Swift, I-will-write-a-song-about-you crazy. Instead of being offended by this term that everyone so gladly describes me as, I have decided to embrace my role as the Token Crazy Girl, because it’s time to shine some light on the reasons why being a crazy girl is worth admiring. Here are ten reasons why being the Token Crazy Girl is actually a good thing:

1. We’re loyal.

Crazy girls are extremely loyal. We will fight for you no matter what (sometimes literally, mostly figuratively). You want to go stalk your ex-boyfriend at 2 am on a Wednesday? I’m in. You need me to “accidentally” throw my drink on that girl who hooked up with your crush? You don’t even need to ask. When we love someone, we love them whole heartedly. Whether it’s my family, friends, or a boy, I am one hundred percent invested in you and will literally do anything for you.

2. We’re stubborn, in a good way.

I don’t believe in being told no. When someone tells me no, I just see it as an opportunity to prove them wrong. This goes for my life ambitions as well as when a guy says he’s not interested in me. My perseverance is outstanding and I think it’s something to be admired. I have never met someone and thought “he’s way too out of my league”or decided I wanted to do something and thought “that dream is too unrealistic.” I put all my efforts into something and whether it ends up working out or not, I live with the full confidence that I’ve given it my all.

3. We never lack passion. 

I’m naturally a creative and passionate person. I am extremely empathetic and sometimes overemotional. Some people see this as a bad thing, and I have scared away numerous guys with my tears, but I am also someone who thrives on helping others. Because of this overemotional and sensitive side, I’ve actually become a better person. I enjoy doing community service and feeling like I’m changing the world in any way possible. I am also there to sit and cry with you when you’re upset. The Token Crazy Girl feels everything, so that means when she says she’s in love with you, she is. Or when she says she’s got your back, she does. This makes dating the crazy girl a good experience because there are typically no games being played. The raw passion and expression of a crazy girl is something to embrace, not shy away from.

4. We’re always unique.

You will not find anyone else like us. That is a fact. And I’m not just saying that because my mother says so, I really do mean it. The Token Crazy Girl has this unpredictable, exhilarating, unknowing presence about her. Things will never be boring around a girl like this and you can always trust in having a good time with her. And if you happen to be dating the Token Crazy Girl, your relationship will always have that mystery and fire that some relationships lose with time. The Token Crazy Girl is usually found dancing to the beat of her own drum and not afraid to be different. There aren’t that many of us, so hold on tight to yours!

5. We truly value honesty.

The Token Crazy Girl has no need to lie about anything and isn’t afraid to say something because it “might sound crazy.” This is actually a super good thing to have in a friend or a girlfriend because she’ll always be up front with you. If she’s mad at you, she’ll tell you. If she feels a certain way about something you said or did, she won’t be passive aggressive about it. She tells everything like it is.

6. We’re unpredictable. 

This reason sounds like it might be negative, but here’s why it’s not. Some people will get bored in a relationship after they’ve been dating awhile. Couples will go into this comfort mode where there’s no surprises or spark anymore. This will not happen if you have the lucky chance of dating a crazy girl. Her next move is always unexpected and she’ll always keep you guessing, which is something any fun couple needs a bit of.

7. We’re not concerned with the hot/crazy scale. 

Enough said about this one, check out Barney Stinson’s explanation on How I Met Your Mother if you’re confused.

8. We’re confident. 

All those openly Token Crazy Girl’s are rocking their crazy and that’s what makes them so attractive and refreshing to be around. We’re confident about who we are, no matter what anyone says about us.

9. We lead a very full life. 

The Token Crazy Girl is running around having cool adventures with her friends, engaging in life to the fullest and taking risks that ‘normal’ people wouldn’t take. We lead big lives to match our big personalities.

10. We’re successful.

So many artists, musicians and people that we admire greatly have been considered crazy at one time or another. Crazy girls are the ones that you find as CEO’s of companies, headlining sold out world tours (shout out to Taylor Swift), or changing the world. There’s something about us that makes people want more, and we are determined to prove to everyone that we aren’t crazy, we’re just ahead of the game.

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