How John Cysewski responded to a bad economy with improved customer value

A difficult economy, one marked by troubled businesses and cash-strapped consumers, can make or break an entrepreneur. While some let frustration and money concerns overwhelm their ability to grow, John Cysewski, owner of Insur-All agency, found a way to grow his business by 10% last year alone. That kind of growth may lead some to speculate advanced marketing strategies or price slashing, but for John, it was all about hard work and dedication. He credits growing up on a farm to his strong work ethic and inability to quit until the job is done, which for John, is never. According to him, around the clock kind of work, whether it was milking cows or fixing machinery, is the foundation for his success today.

It’s no surprise that the insurance industry was hit hard in the years following the market crash. Fewer car and home purchases meant fewer policies, which, for insurance agents like John, meant finding creative ways to meet the needs of his customers, both new and old. As a family man, John understood that every household could benefit from extra cash, which is why he began focusing his efforts on saving his customers more than just pocket change. Saving a new customer $1,000 is not an unusual feat for John, who, as a certified personal financial representative, was used to working on figures late into the night in an effort to create the biggest impact on his customer’s wallets.”I’ve had people who know me drive by and see my office lights on late more than a few occasions,” said John, whose twelve-hour days sometimes have led to numerous awards for personal achievement in the insurance industry.  

John also turned his focus to improving customer value. Customers are often so impressed with Insur-All agency’s personalized, 24/7 service that they are happy to refer John and his team their own family and friends. Insur-All agency’s positive referral network program benefits everyone, from the referrer and the referred to community organizations. Once an individual joins with Insur-All agency family, John donates profits from these referrals to Eastside Academy of Bellevue and Shepherd’s Counseling Services for children in Seattle, two Puget Sound charities that hold a special place in John’s heart.

According to the Insur-All agency team, “insurance is unlike any other product out there – you pay for it and hope you never have to use it.” So, how does John make insurance more appealing? It’s simple, he says, adding “My customers are my friends.” They see John as a trusted advisor. His it’s-us-against-the-world outlook is more than just talk, too. In the past, John has been known to rush to the aide of a customer, spending five to six hours helping them clear their flooded basement, or helping with an emergency plumbing situation.

The insurance industry has had its ups and downs in recent years. In a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, Terrence Cavanaugh, CEO of Erie Insurance, said “Until the forces at work produce a more stable, cohesive and positive environment, Americans will be cautious in spending for personal and business purposes. It’s a worry, I’d add, that is greater than just how we are able to grow our business. It’s about whether consumers will make the right decisions to protect themselves for today and tomorrow.” But even if times get hard again for the U.S., John remembers why he started his own business and the fear of a downturned economy disappears. “I have the American Dream, that entrepreneurial spirit,” John said, echoing the same spirit that drives many Americans. When the rubber hits the road, though, it’s John’s hard work, dedication, newest discount options and customer care that sets Insur-All Agency apart from other companies within the insurance industry. He is the type of guy you can really benefit from doing business with.

To connect with John, visit his website. You can also call him at 425.889.8500 or email him personally at [email protected].

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