Debate over new Pride flag

The rainbow LGBT Pride flag represents inclusiveness, equality, unity, and strength. But supporters of a movement called More Color More Pride think the emblem needs to change.

The City of Philadelphia partnered with an advertising agency to design a new flag with brown and black stripes added to the spectrum. It’s intended to fuel discussions about discrimination, diversity, and race.

The Pride flag with black and brown stripes has not made it to Seattle Pride yet, but it could. Event organizers say they want to display one next year.

“I think that it’s good because I believe that everybody should be included and not be left out,” said India Jennings, who was visiting Seattle Pride Fest Saturday.

There are already a lot of opinions about the new design and whether it’s needed or not.

“I think that race shouldn’t be brought into it, honestly, because the flag itself represents everybody, no matter what race you are,” said Sylvia Johnson, another Pride Fest attendee.

“I think the more stripes, the better, inclusiveness is what this is all about right?” said Jerry Girard, who was visiting from Montana.

“I feel like it’s already inclusive,” said Samantha Strickland from Federal Way.

The point was to spur a conversation, and people already have a lot to say.

“I’m sure we’d get one, and we’d wave it proudly for sure,” Girard said.

Seattle Pride organizers said they tried to obtain one of the new flags, but the design was so new they weren’t able to find one in time.

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