A Baker’s Dozen of Exceptional Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast stacks up at Rachel’s Bagels and Burritos (which also makes great biscuits). Photograph by Amber Fouts.

The formula is simple—an egg or two, maybe some cheese. Possibly sausage or bacon. All inside some sort of bread, that isn’t usually just bread. Seattle’s breakfast sandwich titans turn to biscuits, bagels, and all manner of English muffins. Even the occasional pretzel challah roll or Japanese-style melonpan. It’s hard to improve on simplicity, but some arugula or a hash brown patty can be a welcome flex. Behold, the steaming-hot, paper-wrapped promise of Seattle’s very best breakfast sandwiches.

Post Alley Pizza Waterfront

Unwrap the red-and-white checkered paper: A blast of hot air

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