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Portland stabbing hero visits mosque

Micah Fletcher, the Portland man who was stabbed while helping two women targeted during a hate-filled rant against Muslims, visited a mosque in Redmond Sunday. He was joined by the mother of another man who was killed in the attack.

“My gratitude outweighs my sorrow,” said Asha Deliverance, whose son, Taliesin Namkai Meche, died in the stabbing.

He and Fletcher stood up to a man who was harassing Muslim teens on a Portland train last month. Another man, Ricky John Best, also intervened and was killed.

Fletcher asked that cameras not record his remarks, but he told the gathering that it was his obligation to intervene. He also apologized for how Muslims have been marginalized.

“I cannot dig enough apologies out of my chest for what my people have done to you,” Fletcher said.

His mom, Margie Fletcher, also attended the event.

“He's a huge advocate and always has been. He grew up being bullied and so he will not have any of that around him,” Fletcher said.

Deliverance says her son died because someone needed to make a statement.

“I am the one to carry the message. He’s on the other side telling me what to say, and the message is one of love. When he died on the train, he said, ‘Tell everyone on the train that I love them,’” Deliverance said.

His actions spoke volumes about his values, and his mom hopes others will simply listen and learn.

“As much as I am sad to lose my son, I'm also equally proud that he was able to make a change and make a difference,” Deliverance said.

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