Get Ready To Scream! The Best of Haunted Seattle

Although it’s not quite Halloween yet, the leaves are changing, the days are growing shorter, your Netflix queue is filling up with scary movies and the world feels just a little bit spookier. So how can you get into the spirit, while maybe catching a glimpse of one while you’re at it? By checking out some of our favorite eerie Seattle spots!

We pulled together five of the season’s best offerings, including theatrical walk-through haunts and some authentically creepy locations. With a few weeks until the big night, you have plenty of time to visit all of these places–and remember to report back your findings! Happy hauntings.

1. Seattle Haunts at The Georgetown Morgue

Built in 1893, The Georgetown Morgue is an intriguing building with a tragic past, including freak accidents, being transitioned into an animal carcass processing center, and then a meat packing plant. But now you can explore the mystery on your own, as a team of talented actors transforms the morgue into a haunted house. They are open most evenings from 7pm-12am and is better for kids 12 and up. Check them out at

2. Spooked in Seattle

Spooked in Seattle claims to be real ghost tours led by real ghost hunters, and they have outstanding reviews. Their 90-minute to two hour walking tours explore Pioneer Square, Seattle Underground and the USS Turner Joy (including an overnight investigation!) They are open all year long, but make an exciting activity to get into the season. You can learn more about their tours, hosts and events, including game and movie nights, at

3. Comet Lodge Cemetery

While the grounds themselves are a beautiful enough of an excuse to spend a day wandering around, there have been anecdotal reports of ghost sightings and mysterious activity since the 1930s. A topsy turvy assortment of tombstones dot lush green backdrop of the pioneer cemetery, making it an inviting place for an afternoon of exploring. Learn more at

4. Nightmare at Beaver Lake Haunted House

Just 20 miles east of Seattle is a family-friendly haunted attraction–if you’re the type of family that likes running from crazed killers, monsters and ghosts through the woods, that is! This unique scare guides visitors through both indoor and outdoor scenes, turning up the terror at 8pm, allowing time for youngsters to enjoy the thrills. The best part? Nightmare at Beaver Lake is run entirely by volunteers, and all proceeds and collected food go toward local charities. Ready to visit?

5. Haunted Nightmare at the Nile

Touting themselves as Seattle’s “only haunted golf corpse,” Haunted Nightmare at the Nile incorporates food trucks, indoor and outdoor haunts and special lights-on hours for little ones. This is their fifth year in a row running the attractions and the Nile Shriners strive to make it better and better each season. Take a look at their hours and events at

So now it’s your turn–what are your favorite Seattle Halloween activities? And how do you plan on spending the 31st? 

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