Shalom Y’all Shuts Down to Reopen as the Takeout-Friendly Lil’ Shalom

Shalom Y’all’s West Portland Location Rebrands as the Pint-Size Lil’ Shalom

Shalom Y’all’s Alder location has temporarily closed to rebrand as a more casual restaurant. Lil’ Shalom, set to open in early June, will offer more casual fare, including bowls, salads, and sandwiches. A grab-and-go section will have things like hummus and crudités, as well. In the evenings, the restaurant will serve family meals to serve three-to-four, with patio seating and standing tables. Lil’ Shalom has a number of cool drinks, as well, including Turkish coffee, low-proof cocktails, and tahini milkshakes. The other Shalom Y’all location will remain the same. [WWeek]

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