Photographer Captures Oregon’s Arch Rock Bathed in Bioluminescent Beauty

In July 2023, Portland’s own Jay Shah artfully documented the bioluminescent glow enveloping Arch Rock, a gem on Oregon’s southern shores near Brookings. Image credit: Jay Shah.

Have you ever witnessed nature’s very own light show? Portland-based prodigy, Jay Shah, has astoundingly captured this spectacle, illuminating the darkness around Arch Rock, situated along the serene stretches of Oregon’s southern coastline, just a breath away from Brookings.

The phenomenon of bioluminescence is a dazzling display that graces various corners of our globe. This luminous wonder stems from a captivating chemical concoction within living organisms. Think radiant algae, glimmering bacteria, luminescent jellyfish, shimmering fish, and even the familiar glow of fireflies

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