Irving Street Tapas Wants to Become Portland’s Most Affordable Small Plates Spot

Throughout their careers, Piattino and Lovejoy Bakers owners Ajay Narayan and Paresh Warke have dabbled in a wide array of cuisines. Between the two of them, they’ve cooked in Michelin-starred kitchens in France, hotels in the Caribbean, homes in Bangalore, restaurants in Mumbai. So instead of choosing one cuisine for their new restaurant, they decided to try to capture them all.

“The idea is, what is the ‘tapa’ for any culture?” Narayan says. For Narayan and Warke’s new Pearl District restaurant, Irving Street Tapas, that lengthy list includes things like calamari in harissa aioli, samosas, steak in chimichurri or wasabi butter sauce, or Greek yemista — all served for

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