Hattie’s Sweet Shop running a Peeps Contest

There’s a lot going on in Portland, but this may be one of the most interesting pieces of news for the week. Sure, we could discuss development or the transportation budget, or review the police blotter, but this is even better and more thought-provoking. Hattie’s Sweet Shop is running a Peeps contest. Yes, that’s right Peeps. As in, the colorful marshmallow sugar-coated neon weirdly irresistible candies.

Your first reaction may be to wonder if this one of those horrible “how many Peeps can you stuff in your mouth” contests or “how many Peeps can you eat in 60 seconds” contests, but it’s not. Those are better left to elementary school students. For this contest, you don’t even have to eat them! The purpose of this contest is to create a Peeps diorama. Remember those little scenes you used to make in school in a shoe box? Those are dioramas. And you still have to make them in a shoe box. Only this time you get to use either chick or bunny Peeps in your scene.

Your diorama can be of ANYTHING. It can relate to Portland or a fairytale or zombies or the Academy Awards or…. anything. You think it up, add Peeps, secure the scene in a regular sized shoe box (none of those size 13 cowboy boot boxes, shame on you for even thinking that) and you have your entry all ready to go.

There will be prizes for the best Portland themed diorama, the best original diorama, and the overall best diorama. Age categories are under 17 and over 17, to make things fair because we know that nobody over 17 can make a diorama because our hands are too big.

So, do you know your Portland history? You could recreate an old Portland’s Union Train depot with Peep Passengers. How about Portland Peep Harbor? Some Peep-pulled carriages pulling wagons down a historic street? But don’t limit yourself to history. Peepolize Portland weather or community projects. Can your Peeps play for the Portland Winter Hawks? Why not? The possibilities are endless. If you can think of it, you can probably add Peeps to it.

Just when you thought you’d never warm up to Peeps, Hattie’s goes and makes them fun. How many Portlandia Peeps dioramas do you think will be there? I’m preparing my Toni and Candice now. Peeplandia? Sounds good to me!

The Peepopolooza will run from February 25 to March 27, 2013. Entries must be submitted within this time frame to Hattie’s at 4185 N.E. Fremont Street or Sweets, Etc. in Multnomah Village, 828 S.W. Capitol Highway. Just take those Peeporamas in and drop them off. Make sure your name, phone number, and address is on it somewhere.

Remember that you cannot use those stale Peeps from the back of the cupboard from Halloween. No pumpkins allowed. Seriously? You thought you could get rid of those this easily? Think Easter here, people. Chicks and bunnies are the only Peeps for the contest. Get Peepifying, people. This is going to be hilarious!

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