The Origin Story of KariKari, Seattle's Ultimate Chili Crisp

Ruby Sparks and Rob Griset knew they had landed on something big when they started eating KariKari, their chili crisp creation, straight out of the jar. “Can you think of any condiment you’ve ever had that you just eat with a spoon?” Griset asks. “You don’t take spoonfuls of mayonnaise and wolf it down.”

In one tiny jar, a curated combination of chilis and a touch of sweetness, KariKari presents a complex sequence of flavors and textures: umami notes from tamari and mushroom powder, a slight numbing effect from Sichuan peppercorns, crispy garlickiness from conspicuous fried slivers the shape of sliced almonds, and irresistible crunch from shallots and chopped peanuts.

Sparks and

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