Best Ways to Enjoy a Rare Solar Eclipse in 2017

You can find all the magic you need this summer with one of the most spectacular solar eclipses in our lifetime. On August 21, 2017, all of our astrology fanatics will have an amazing view in our skies. All throughout the states, you will be able to catch a glimpse at this once in a lifetime phenomenon from Portland to Charleston. Oregonians will have some of the best views for this once in a lifetime eclipse.

How rare are Total Solar Eclipses?

People tend to have many misconceptions regarding the frequency of Total Eclipses. Many believe it’s a rare occurrence, actually, it’s quite the opposite. You can find Total Eclipses about once every 18 months where it’s visible from somewhere on Earth. Within a 3 year span you’re able to see two eclipses, so a Total Eclipse is rare when it has visibility from a very specific location on Earth. Last time we could see this Total Eclipse was 99 years ago. This location of the Eclipse will be able to be seen once again in 2024 and won’t be back for another 534 years.

What are the costs of catching a glimpse of this eclipse?

Some have paid up to $2000 just so nothing could impede their view. State parks that usually run about $28 a night are now $500 a night and more just for a standard camping spot. These skyrocketing prices are enough to put a damper on anyone’s camping for this “Great American Weekend.” The best views are caught through the total path line in Madras, Oregon. The cheapest way to enjoy the Eclipse would be to enjoy it from a motorhome. This saves money from having to spend on overpriced hotels, camping spots, or house rentals. You would also be able to avoid traffic by heading out early several days ahead of time and avoiding traffic jams directly after the Total Eclipse.

Why is this Total Eclipse getting so much attention?

It could be because the pathway to catch these amazing views will look like some majestic Syfy flick. Or it could be so attractive since we may not see another Total Eclipse in our lifetime. Only people in the Southern Hemisphere will be able to enjoy this beauty. Even if you’re not an avid astrologer, do you really need an excuse to watch one of our amazing wonders of the universe?

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