Arlington based Moose Creek BBQ, cleans up the competition

For months now I have been getting emails about this place from our readers, so when a friend of mine wanted to go fishing up north I made it a point to stop by Arlington and eat at Moose Creek BBQ.

After hearing the name “Moose Creek BBQ”, images ran through my head and the location in a small strip mall only worked to further confirm my impressions. Boy was I wrong!

One bite into the brisket sandwich made a believer out of me and the sauce was addictive. After we left I made my buddy turn around and drive the 2 miles back just to purchase 5 bottles of the stuff.

Bottom line; this is real BBQ man, and now I am addicted.

While dozens of restaurants inside our Northwest borders claim to serve “authentic barbecue,” in most cases, the description turns out to be little more than a marketing gimmick. But several savvy BBQ couples have moved away from places like Oklahoma, and Texas and are now serving legitimate barbecue and they have popped up around the country — from Compton, Calif., to New York City — and the proprietors of these restaurants

remain true to the history and techniques of barbecue. One such place is Moose Creek BBQ in Arlington, Washington.

Close your eyes, put on some Willie, and you might not know the difference. You might think you are far away, on the border of Texas and Mexico diving into the tender BBQ and or dipping it into a sauce that is so addictive you can’t keep your fingers out of it. That’s what it’s like when you bite into the brisket sandwich at Moose Creek Barbeque.

The sauce melts in your mouth and its the type of sauce you don’t forget. You want it on your steaks, your sausage, and everything that takes a dip.

Sharon Patton, who is a trained culinary Chef, laid down the saute pan and started learning barbecue when she met her Okie husband over 40 years ago. Pat also known as “the pit-master” has been making BBQ since he was a kid and loves to research BBQ methods. His cooking techniques on slow cooking and his special rub sauce was the key that changed everything.

“When I learned that the combination of the sauce and the rub kept them coming back, that was a game changer”. Boy was it ever!

Using an old recipe the Patton’s improved the rub and the sauce and combining this method with his slow cooking technique they knew were onto something. With a hand full of savings they opened house in the early 90’s in Morgan Hill, California.  Soon lines started to form and the popular taste had getting seated for lunch and dinner almost an impossibility.

They sold out daily.

In 2009, The Patton’s wanted to be with the grand kid’s and that required a move to Washington State. Their son, the CEO of Seattle Software urged the couple to try Arlington and told them they would love it, and they did.

Next step was finding a location. After searching the area, the couple decided to move in down the way from Starbucks on 172nd street and with hard work and elbow grease they turned the old Quizno’s sub shop into a BBQ joint that has become so popular the couple has to close down 3 days a week.

Sharon takes care of business side and Pat smokes the meat and together they are cleaning up the competition locally. Moose Creek is located at         3617 172nd Street Northeast Arlington, WA 98223.

The phone is (360) 651-2523

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