Teacher exonerated at Mount Cashel abused kids in B.C. until at least 2009, lawsuit alleges

A young man from British Columbia alleges Joseph Burke — a former Christian Brother once convicted of abusing boys at a Newfoundland orphanage in the early 1970s — sexually assaulted him numerous times from 2007 to 2009.

The man, known as John B. Doe in court documents, says Burke was his teacher at Vancouver College, a K-12 private school run by the Congregation of Christian Brothers.

According to Doe’s sworn affidavit, he endured several assaults during his Grade 8 and 9 years, including instances of forced masturbation. All the incidents happened in Burke’s classroom, Doe says.

“I have been struggling with the effects of this abuse my whole adult life,” Doe wrote. “While I am determined not

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