$1M grant to fund community abattoir in Merritt a 'ray of light,' say local ranchers

The province’s latest initiative to help build a slaughterhouse in Merritt, B.C. would mean fresher meat supply for local customers and more profit going to local farmers, say ranchers in the Nicola Valley region.

On Friday, the province announced a rural development grant of $1 million to the Small-Scale Meat Producers Association for establishing a community abattoir, which will be government-licensed and inspected by public health authorities, to provide meat processing and cut-and-wrap services to local ranchers.

There currently isn’t a licensed abattoir in Merritt. Farmers and ranchers have to send their livestock to licensed abattoirs outside of the municipality, with the nearest one located in Kamloops, about 95 kilometres away.

The association’s executive

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