If You Start Training Now, You’ll Be Ready By July 25th For The Seafair Triathlon

July 23rd 2017 – WAC Triathletes racing in the Seafair Triathlon at Seward Park.

The annual Seattle Summer Celebration known as Seafair, what with the boat races, partying, and general bedlam, is tomorrow, and you should get ready.

What? Oh, it’s not tomorrow. Oops! Sorry about that. Apparently, it’s still 12-weeks away. The main weekend event with the boat races is 12-weeks away (August 5th). If you consider that Seafair also bought the rights to the Seattle version of the Fourth of July, renaming it “Seafair Summer Fourth,” it’s more like 7 weeks away.

We didn’t realize federal holidays were available for retail purchase.

The point is

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