A Hypebeast Milkshake Chain Will Open a Vancouver Shop This Summer

Alabama Milkshake Cafe Chain The Yard Will Open a Shop in Vancouver

The Yard — known for its tricked-out milkshakes topped with whole cupcakes, blondies, and doughnuts — will open its first West Coast location this year. The chain announced it will open a milkshake shop on Vancouver’s waterfront this summer, with a location-specific special and an assortment of elaborate shakes. Other Yard locations serve things like edible cookie dough, sundaes, plain ice cream, and floats, all with the maximalist touch: For instance, the Cereal Killer shake comes with marshmallow overload ice cream, marshmallow drizzle, marshmallow fluff, Fruity Pebbles, and a Fruity Pebbles “treat” (a la Rice Krispie treat).

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